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"Biden's Blunders: A Deep Dive into Presidential Stupidity"

Hey there, fellow freedom lovers! Ever felt like you're watching a comedy show when tuning into the news? Well, you're not alone. Let's dive into some of the most "impressive" moments of President Joe Biden's tenure. And by impressive, I mean... well, you'll see.

6. Student Loan- Remember when Biden promised to cancel student loan debt? Well, it seems he's taken a "loan" on that promise and hasn't paid it back yet. [Forbes](

7. Foreign Policy - Handling relations with China and Russia has been, let's say, less than stellar. It's like trying to play chess when you are a senile old coot.

8. Israel Support - Biden's support for Israel has been as shaky as a house of cards in a windstorm.

9. Executive Orders - Biden seems to love his executive orders as much as I love sniffing little kids. But unlike little kids, too much of a weird fucking thing can leave a bad smell. [USA Today](

10. Transparency - If Biden's administration were a window, it'd be frosted glass. Peeking through to find clarity is quite the challenge. [Politico](

... (and the list goes on)

In Conclusion

It's been quite the ride watching Biden's "highlights" (or should we say lowlights?). While we all hope for the best from our leaders, sometimes we just have to chuckle at the missteps and keep praying for help!

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