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 About Digression Radio

Ah, greetings, intrepid explorers of the digital frontier! You've either been guided here by the celestial stars of fate or you've made a navigational blunder on the high seas of the internet. Either way, welcome to the auditory banquet that is Digression Radio.


 Who Are We?


Ah, the query that has confounded philosophers and barflies alike since time immemorial. Allow us to illuminate:



Jim, a proud alumnus of Purdue, is a man of many facets—entrepreneur, craft beer homebrewer, and a one-time congressional hopeful. His wit is as effervescent as his homebrew, and his insights are as nuanced as the hops in an IPA. A lover of America and a man whose views are his own, Jim relishes a good debate almost as much as he relishes a good beer.



Shurbey, the backwoods intellectual, has been a hardworking blue-collar union man for a decade and a half. With a tongue as sharp as a Bowie knife and opinions as strong as moonshine, Shurbey loves America but despises the direction it's headed. He's the grit to Jim's polish, the yin to his yang, the hops to his malt.


What Do We Discuss?


What *don't* we discuss? Politics, freedom, liberty, guns, beer, and the ever-mysterious "many other topics." We're like a potluck of discourse; you never know what you'll get, but you can bet it'll be both filling and a tad spicy.



Ah, the grand circus of human endeavor and folly. We'll dissect the latest escapades from the hallowed halls of government with the precision of a surgeon and the irreverence of a carnival barker.


Freedom & Liberty

Two words that are as American as apple pie and tax evasion. We explore what it means to be free in this great nation and how to safeguard that freedom for our children and their children.



The great equalizer, the guardian of liberty. We'll discuss calibers, models, and even wade into the philosophical waters of why the right to bear arms is as fundamental as the right to voice an opinion.



Ah, the nectar of the gods and the fuel of revolution. From craft brews to homebrews, we'll explore the sudsy world of beer and its role in American culture.


Many Other Topics

The "grab bag" of our podcasting endeavor. It could be current events, it could be the annals of history, it could be Shurbey's secret recipe for venison stew. You'll have to tune in to discover the mystery.


Why Should You Listen?


If you've made it this far, you're either incredibly intrigued or incredibly patient. In either case, we've got something for you. Digression Radio is more than a podcast; it's an expedition into the minds of two men who have an abundance to say and just the right amount of time to say it.


So, grab your favorite pint glass, recline in your most comfortable chair, and prepare for a whirlwind tour through the convoluted corridors of Digression Radio. As Mark Twain might have said, "The rumors of our irrelevance have been greatly exaggerated."


Yours in perpetual digression,

Jim & Shurbey

Our Team

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