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"Why Some Folks Think Biden's Sucks"

Hey there, readers! Let's dive into the world of grown-up politics, but don't worry, we'll keep it as fun as a game of Monopoly (just without the table flipping). President Joe Biden, the guy who sits in the big chair at the White House, has had some folks giving him the side-eye. Here's a list of reasons why.

1. Afghanistan Withdrawal - Pulling troops out of Afghanistan was as messy as my room after a LEGO building spree. Most folks thought it could've been tidier. [CNN](

2. Border Crisis - The U.S.-Mexico border situation? It's like when you can't decide whether to keep your room's door open or closed. Some people wish Biden had a clearer "door policy." [Fox News](

3. Inflation Concerns - Prices are rising faster than my dad's eyebrows when I ask for more video game time. That's called inflation, and it's got some wallets feeling light. [CNBC](

4. COVID-19 Response - Handling a virus is like trying to herd cats. Some folks think Biden let a few cats out of the bag her didn't even have a bag. [BBC](

5. Gun Control- Biden's take on guns? It's a bit like telling kids they can only have one scoop of ice cream. Most folks want more cause they are growing ass adults and free Americans. [NPR](

... (and the list goes on)


Alright, team! That's our playful peek into politics. Remember, every leader, like every dad, has their "cool moments" and their "embarrassing dad dance" moments. Biden has never stopped dancing badly, It's up to us to learn, laugh, and always ask questions.

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